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 BANS 2011 Congress

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BANS 2011 Congress Report

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Coinage In Roman Britain Divo Claudio Brockage Coinage In The Dark Ages?

Ancient Britain

The Coinage Of Britain From The Earliest Times To The End Of The Dark Ages


There was, of course, no such place as Ancient Britain. True, the island of Britain was much as we see it today, but the political and social map was utterly different.

First to use money in the form of coins were the Celtic tribes, with their autonomous kingdoms, tribal cultures and priorities.

Then came the Romans who, damnatio memoriae, were the first to attempt a common European currency, and at the same time developed a central administration for their new province of Britannia.

And finally came the post-Romans; those who inhabited the time we call the Dark Ages, because no-one has so far shed much light on it.

But whatever we call it, the first six or seven hundred years of our monetary history are fascinating.

Coinage In Roman Britain

The Forms Of Money In Use During The Roman Occupation


Peter Thompson has prepared an extensive insight into the changing fortunes of Roman Coinage, as used in the province of Britain, showing that inflation, debasement and all the other good things we experience have all been seen before. The article was revised and updated, on 24th November 2007

Coinage In Roman Britain

Divo Claudio Brockage

The Correct Design Overstruck On A Brockage


Brockages have occurred probably since the beginning of numismatic time. They are usually coins with one side normal, and the other side showing an incuse and mirror image of the normal side. The brockage of Claudius II shown here is all that and more: it has been overstruck with the correct reverse design over the brockage!

Divo Claudio Brockage

Was There A Coinage In The Dark Ages?

The Theory And Practice Of Money In Post-Roman Britain


The Dark Ages have traditionally been called the Dark Ages because the paucity of historical records has meant that we know relatively little about the lives of our ancestors after the Romans left. Alan Dawson takes up the story as the Romans were packing their bags, and looks at what may have developed in a post-Roman economy.

Coinage In The Dark Ages?

Iron Age/Celtic




Greek & Roman Provincial

To learn more about the numismatics of the period why not visit the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s excellent Numismatic Guides? Just click on the period you want, below