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BANS 2011 Congress Report

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Unlisted Overdate 1674 1787 Sixpence Varieties

Modern Britain

The Introduction of Milled Coinage To The Present Day


Although there had been a number of attempts to introduce milled coinage to England - Mestrelle in the 1560s and 1570s, and Briot in the 1630s, for example - the final transition to machine made coinage did not take place until 1662, with the introduction of what has become known as the ‘Undated Maundy’ series. From then on, production of coin by hammer and anvil was consigned to the history books. But the introduction of some of the techniques of mass production did not mean the end of variety or varieties, as we hope to show with some of the articles which appear in this section.

An Unlisted Overdate?

An Unlisted (?) Overdate On A 1674 Fourpence of Charles II


Unlisted Overdate 1674 is a photographic record of a newly found Charles II fourpence where the '74' of the date appears to be struck over '63' Fortunately, the piece is in excellent condition, and very clear views of the overdate can be seen.

Unlisted Overdate 1674

Date Varieties On 1787 Sixpences

Concurrent But Different Styles Of Date


The silver coins of 1787 have long been divided into 'no-hearts' and 'hearts.' Now, a new twist has been added to the story of the 1787 sixpence: there are two types of date, as well!

1787 Sixpence Varieties
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