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Unknown Tetradrachm
The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

Where to next?

Enigmatic Canute Coins of Charles I Coins of Richard III

Saxon & Mediaeval Britain

Numismatics In The British Isles From The End Of The Dark Ages To The End Of The Hammered Coinage


The early part of this period is one which is filled with uncertainty and speculation. Did the post-Roman inhabitants of our island use money in the way we believe the Romans had used it, or were coins seen as a store of wealth? Hopefully, we will, in time, work out the answers.

Certainly by the time of the Saxon Kingdoms, coinage seems to have developed into a form which is recognisable to us, though there are many questions remaining to be answered in terms of order and sequence, mints and minting.

Hopefully we will, in the fullness of time, publish papers on these subjects, and we trust they will be interesting.

Enigmatic Canute?

Two Enigmatic Marks On A Penny Of King Canute (or Cnut!)


Enigmatic Canute is an examination of some unusual marks on a Stamford penny of King Cnut, and a request for more information from any collectors who may have examples of Cnut's coins in their trays.

Enigmatic Canute
To learn more about the numismatics of the period why not visit the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s excellent Numismatic Guides? Just click on the period you want, below

Early Mediaeval


The Tower Coins Of Charles I

A New ‘Transitional’ Category Proposed


The London coinage of Charles I is usually described as being from ‘the Tower mint under the King’ or ‘the Tower mint under Parliament.’

Our member Chris Leather proposes that this is not strictly accurate, and that there is a ‘Tower Mint  transitional issue’ which deserves recognition, and a separate listing.

Coins of Charles I

Collecting The Coins Of Richard III

The Last Plantagenet King of England


The recent discovery of the remains of King Richard III in the ruins of the Grey Friars Chapel in Leicester has generated considerable interest in the coins of this controversial monarch.

Coins of Richard III