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Founded in 1970
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The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

The Fielding Lecture

A Tribute to Past Chairman Ben Fielding


In the spring of 2008 Ben Fielding, one of our earliest members and our Chairman for the last 15 years, announced that he would be standing down from the office – which was somewhat of a surprise until we appreciated that Ben was then in his ninetieth year!

Ben was a good chairman, hardly ever missing a meeting, who took charge of proceedings with a quiet and friendly authority, although never afraid to wield the gavel to bring order to a discussion! His good humour and warm welcome always put guest speakers at ease from the start. After a talk Ben was often called upon to give the vote of thanks, which he always delivered with absolute sincerity and enthusiasm. Due to his advancing age Ben made the decision that attending evening meetings was now too tiring and therefore he could no longer be an active member of the society. This decision was not made lightly as he thoroughly enjoyed not only the programme of meetings every year but also the friendship of many members. Ben was always seen as the society’s patriarch.


How do you mark such a term of membership and service to the society? The committee and general membership discussed this issue at some length and it was finally decided at the AGM in October 2008 that there could be no better way to show the society’s appreciation than to name the principal lecture of the year in Ben’s honour. It was also naturally approved that he should be granted life membership.


The November meeting had always been set aside for important guest speakers and so it was unanimously agreed that in future this would be known as ‘The Fielding Lecture’. November 2008 was the first meeting to bear this fine title, the guest speaker being Dr. Barrie Cook of the British Museum who gave a fascinating lecture on The Importance of Tudor Pattern Coins - a fitting start to what is sure to be the highlight in our annual programme of meetings and a lasting commemoration of the service given by one of our hobby's true gentlemen.


Ben remained interested in, and closely in touch with, the proceedings of our Society until his death in 2013

Where to next?

Our Society & Meetings Meetings Programme The Fielding Lecture

The Fielding Lecturers

2008 - Dr Barrie Cook

            The Importance of Tudor   

              Pattern Coins


2009 - Dr Edward Besly

            The Provincial Mints of King

              Charles I


2010 - Mr Peter Clayton

            Greek Coins and the Wine



2011 - Mr David Holt

            The Life and Times of    

             Thomas Bushell


2012 - Mr Keith Sugden

             Myths and Monsters on

             Ancient Coins


2013 - Dr Kevin Clancy

             The Design and     

              Manufacture of Medals at

              the Royal Mint


2014 - Mr Eric Hodge

          Charles II - Changing       

              Times, Changing Coinage


2015 - Mr Matthew Hall

            The Fleetwood Hoard of

            Roman Clipped Siliquae


2016 - Dr Megan Gooch

             The Mint at the Tower of



2017 -

              The Minting of Coins,       

               Medals and Medallions

              during World War I


2018 - Dr Kevin Clancy

            The Gold Sovereign - Chief

             Coin of the World


2019 - David Holt

          Early American Colonial



2020 - Laura Clancy

             How to make lots of money