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Modern Britain Unlisted Overdate 1674 1787 Sixpence Varieties

An Unlisted Overdate?

An Unlisted (?) Overdate On A 1674 Fourpence of Charles II


An examination of ESC, and Spink's Standard Catalogue, shows that Charles II fourpenny pieces of 1674 occur in three listed varieties: with the date normal, with the 7 of the date over a 6, and with the 4 of the date over a sideways 4.

A coin recently acquired in the course of trade by Ormskirk & West Lancashire Numismatic Society member and coin dealer David Regan may possibly add an additional variety to this listing, and also provide the first example in this series of a double overdate.

As can be seen from the illustrations, the coin is in a good state of preservation, with no damage, and little or no wear, in the relevant parts of the flan. The area of the date is particularly clear.


Close examination shows the 7 of the date over a 6, with considerable evidence of the 6 still remaining, but the 4 also appears to be overstruck. Looking at the figure in detail through various magnifications seems to show that the underlying figure is, in fact, a 3.


There are, at present, overdates listed in the catalogues for fourpences of 1672, 1674, 1675, 1676, 1678, 1681, 1682, and 1684, but in each case only one digit is recorded as being overstruck.

This example appears to show, possibly for the first time, that both the last two digits of the date have been overstruck. The date should therefore be listed as 1674/63


Any collector with examples of the 1674 fourpence in their collection is cordially invited to check their specimens and to contact OWLNS if any additional coins with this variety can be identified. We will report any new discoveries on this page.

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