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The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

The East India Company and its Coins

By Peter Thompson


Society member Peter Thompson’s “The East India Company and its Coins” has been published by Token Publishing Limited.  An article giving a very brief summary of the subject appeared in the March edition of “Coin News” and the book itself was officially launched at the Harrogate Spring Coin Fair on 26th March 2010.



















Until now the coins of the East India Company have been studied piecemeal, region by region, and often lumped together geographically with coins that bear little relation to them. This book brings them all together and tells the story of the coins within the story of the Company itself.  In this way it aims to make the whole series more intelligible.


The author’s interest in the Company and its coins was sparked by his lifelong interest in numismatics and the fact that in his early career at sea he sailed the routes from the Bay of Bengal to the East that in the days of the Company would have been called the “country” trades.

The genesis of the book was a talk prepared for and delivered to the Ormskirk & West Lancashire Numismatic Society in 1993 with an improved version in 2000.

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