The Ormskirk & West Lancashire Numismatic Society
Founded in 1970
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Unknown Tetradrachm
The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

OWLNS Celebrates Forty Years!

How we gave the Eagle & Child the price of a pint...


In the years leading up to the decimalisation of our coinage back in 1971, coin collecting was on a tide of popularity; everyone was checking their change for rarities. Sadly, it seems to be part of human nature that we only appreciate something when we’re about to lose it. Such was the popularity of the subject that many coin collecting clubs and numismatic societies sprang up throughout the country. After decimalisation, interest in the change in our pockets began to wane, and many clubs folded. However, one numismatic society went from strength to strength, becoming the premier numismatic society of the North West.


Founded originally as the Ormskirk & District Numismatic Society, in June 1970, the Society soon swallowed up other clubs from Wigan to Bolton and Southport. The name was then changed to the more apt Ormskirk and West Lancashire Numismatic Society. On 3rd June 2010 the Society proudly celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a social gathering which included members from a number of other societies and museums.

























To mark the occasion a special display of photographs and coins showing the ‘price of a pint’ in the early 20th century was made to the management of the pub where the society meets.


In 2011 the Ormskirk and West Lancashire Numismatic Society proudly played host to the Annual Congress of the British Association of Numismatic Societies (BANS) which attracts delegates and speakers from across this country and abroad. The Congress was held at the nearby seaside town of Southport in March 2011 and a full report is posted here on our website. Just click to learn more.

Dr. John Dawson (left), Chairman of the Ormskirk & West Lancashire Numismatic Society, presenting framed photographs and coins to James Kennedy of the Eagle & Child

BANS 2011 Congress Report

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