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The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

2008 Programme


Obviously, the Programmes for past years have been and gone, but it can be useful and interesting to refer to what has been as well as to look up what is to be. So, to that end, we provide an archive.

3rd January 2008

We haven't had one for some while, but one of the most popular events on our calendar used to be the Coin Identification Quiz. So, for those members who have missed an old friend, and those who have not yet put their knowledge and reputations on the line, The Quiz is Back!


7th February 2008

Everyone is an expert on coin design! It's so easy to take one look at a coin, and say 'I like that' or 'Rubbish' but trying to identify why is a little more complicated. A major part of the design of any coin is the inscription, and the art and science of numismatic lettering will be examined by Alan Dawson in an illustrated presentation on "The Importance of Lettering on Coins."


6th March 2008

Very often the coin record provides the best, and sometimes the only, detail about historical events and people. 'Coins and Archaeology' is an illustrated talk by Frances McIntosh, Finds Liaison Officer for Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire, which will show how each discipline complements the other. Not to be missed!


3rd April 2008

One of the pleasures of collecting is sharing with your friends and colleagues the latest bargain from the online auction, the 'find' from the bottom of a junk box, or the superb piece which has finally come to hand after years of searching. "Recent Acquisitions" is sometimes surprising, and always interesting.


1st May 2008

Forgeries and Fakes have been around since the earliest days of coinage, and nothing has changed in our own world. Last year, our member Graham Jones opened the door on the world of the wrong 'uns. This year, he continues with his investigations, and we will all sharpen ze leetle grey cells.


5th June 2008

Our members are never happier than when Five Minute Papers are on the schedule because collectively we have a wide experience in many different fields, and there is always something new and interesting to learn.


3rd July 2008

The Usual, the Banal, the Ordinary...we try to avoid these descriptors by inviting guest speakers with something different to say. This evening, we will be paying careful attention to Alan Yates, who will be explaining much about 'Unusual Medallions.'


7th August 2008

Very often, August is a kind of flat month for Club meetings; no one there, nothing much going on. Our Augusts are different, with attendance levels up with the best. Because August is our 'Numismatic Discussion Evening' when anyone with anything to say about almost any numismatic subject will be listened to with rapt attention.


4th September 2008

On our homepage you will see a picture of the Society's OWL, a most impressive creation in sterling silver by member Martin Sergeant. This evening, Martin will tell us, in a presentation called 'What a Hoot! - the making of the Society's Badge' just exactly what went into the designing, engraving and striking of the badge. With all these various techniques being brought into play, a good subtitle might be 'Practical Numismatics!'


2nd October 2008

Every Club or Society has its AGM, and this is ours, when Subscriptions are set and paid, the books scrutinised, and new Committee Members issued with new brooms. The evening is rounded off by a Mini Auction of items brought in by, well, almost anyone.



Coins don't just happen, even though we do tend to take them for granted. A lot of work goes into the piece in your pocket, and always has. This evening we are privileged to welcome Dr Barrie Cook of the British Museum who will be giving an illustrated presentation on 'Designing Coins in Tudor England: the role of patterns.'


4th December 2008

The tradition of putting a sixpence or some similar silver coin in the Christmas pudding dates back to the days of log fires, wassail and all kinds of other traditional things. Well, this year, we have decided to update ourselves. The sixpence has been the victim of inflation like everything else, and, to maintain purchasing power, a five pound piece has been suggested. Only thing is, at an inch and a half across, and an ounce in weight, it won't take much finding. Back to the drawing board! Tonight is our Annual Dinner and Social Evening.

The Fielding Lecture

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