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The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

8th January 2009

Last year, for the first time in quite a while, the Coin Identification Quiz featured on the programme, and our Members enjoyed it so much that it has been decided to hold Part II this year. HOWEVER, please note that because the first Thursday in January, this year, is New Year's Day, the meeting has been moved back a week to 8th January.


5th February 2009

There are coins and there are tokens. They may perform identical functions, or nearly so, but the motivations behind their issue are usually quite different. Our Member Peter Thompson will review 'A History of Token Coinage'


5th March 2009

This evening we welcome the first of our Visiting Speakers for the year. Dr Kevin Clancy, Curator of the Royal Mint Museum, will give an illustrated talk on the subject of ' The Design of the New Decimal Coinage' which changed completely the visual appearance of our circulating coins, the first change since the original decimal designs were unveiled in 1968.


2nd April 2009

There are very few collectors who don't take pleasure in acquiring something new - why else would we collect? This evening we will look at Members' Recent Acquisitions. Items don't have to be 'rare' though they might have taken years to find; they don't have to be 'valuable' as junk boxes still exist in street markets, but we do like to think that they will be interesting for a whole variety of reasons.


7th May 2009

What have George III sixpences of 1816 in common with silver pennies from the reign of Henry II? The answer lies or, rather, lay in the soil of Tealby in Lincolnshire until 1807 when over 6,000 Henry II pennies were discovered in a hoard which has since given its name to the 'cross and crosslets' coins of 1158-1180. Many of these were subsequently melted down, and the metal reused in the 'new issue' silver of 1816. Our Secretary, Alan Dawson, will give an illustrated presentation on 'The Tealby Hoard of 1807.'


4th June 2009

We aren't absolutely rigid about 'Five Minute Papers' lasting five minutes. Some of them last only three or four, while some fill a ten minute slot. But whatever the length, it is the content which keeps Members riveted to the subjects in hand while, whatever our individual collecting interests, no-one will leave the meeting without having learned something new!


2nd July 2009

This evening we will be doing things in twos. The subject of the presentation will be 'Coins on Banknotes' so there will be something of interest to numismatists and notaphilists, while the presenters will be Dr Richard Underwood and our Member Tony Parkinson who will offer both verbal information and visual illustrations!


6th August 2009

August is one of those in-between months for Club meetings; maybe no one there, possibly nothing much going on. Our Augusts are different, with attendance levels up with the best, because the August meeting is our 'Numismatic Discussion Evening' when anyone with anything to say about almost any numismatic subject will be listened to with rapt attention.


3rd September 2009

Over the years our Members have become attuned to cryptic titles for presentations, relishing the exercise of deciphering these. Dr Mike Saxby is our second Visiting Speaker for the year, being normally based at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, and he has risen to the challenge. The subject for his illustrated talk is 'With neither sword nor spear'


1st October 2009

Every Club or Society has its AGM, and this is ours, when Subscriptions are set and paid, the books scrutinised, and new Committee Members issued with new brooms. The evening is rounded off by a Mini Auction of items brought in by, well, almost anyone.



Our programme of Visiting Speakers for the year concludes with Dr Edward Besly, of the National Museum of Wales, who will deliver the second FIELDING LECTURE, on the subject of 'The Provincial Mints of Charles I'  The King's continual need for cash resulted in the establishment of a number of temporary mints in the various parts of the country under his control; sorting out who did what and when has kept generations of historians and numismatists busy, and even today much is still open to discussion and further research.


3rd December 2009

Last year's suggestion that we should replace the sixpence in the Christmas Pud with a five pound piece met with only limited approbation, so, this year, in tribute to the traditions of the event, an 1816 sixpence, possibly containing traces of Tealby pennies, might well be found concealed among the festive food...but don't bank on it! Tonight is our Annual Dinner and Social Evening

The Fielding Lecture

2009 Programme


Obviously, the Programmes for past years have been and gone, but it can be useful and interesting to refer to what has been as well as to look up what is to be. So, to that end, we provide an archive.

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