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The Ormskirk & West Lancashire

Host Society for the

 BANS 2011 Congress

held in Southport

BANS 2011 Congress Report

Where to next?

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3rd January 2019

These are trying times, and the performance of our members is being tested and evaluated this evening. Whether our performance is Extremely Fine, or merely Very Good, won’t actually make any difference as we take part in our Coin Identification and Grading Quiz organised by Society Secretary Alan Dawson. Expert Numismatists? What more Proof do we need? We get the Pyx!


7th February 2019

Those who remember the times before decimalisation will recall the thrill of finding really old coins in circulation, with the portraits of former monarchs back to Queen Victoria. One monarch whose portrait was never found was King Edward VIII whose coinage was designed for issue in 1937, but by which time he had abdicated. Our Society member Eric Hodge will tell us the story of what might have been.


7th March 2019

One of the delights of membership in a Society such as ours is the opportunity to see, and examine, coins and other items which are outside our own regular collecting interests. ‘Recent Acquisitions’ is an evening where we can show and talk about that star find of our own, and enjoy those things which our friends and colleagues have found.


4th April 2019

These days, it seems we are bombarded with warnings about ‘fake news’ so it is appropriate that OWLNS does the same. Most of what we hear this evening will be fake news, and only a bit will be real. Can we tell the difference? This evening, our Chairman David Regan will offer a novelty quiz: A Numismatic ‘Call My Bluff’

[And this is real news!]


2nd May 2019

Where two or more collectors are gathered together, there is an opportunity to learn something new, as nearly everyone has interests different to everyone else. This is highlighted in one of the widest ranging meetings of our Society year: Members’ Five Minute Papers. Whatever the subject, however wide or focused the scope, there is always plenty to interest the enquiring mind.


6th June 2019

Numismatics includes coins, of course, but it also includes other lines of interest, whether tokens, badges or, as in the case of this evening, medallions. Much of this country’s history has been reflected in gold, silver and bronze discs, with masterpieces of art in miniature by some of the finest engravers. Today, Visiting Speaker Phyllis Stoddart will tell us more about The Design  of English Medallions.


4th July 2019

This evening’s presentation is by our Society Secretary Alan Dawson, well known as one of those whose knowledge of Tealby pennies is second to none. But his subject this evening is not those enigmatic, not to say challenging, fragments of silver, but some good, solid, workmanlike bits of small change: Six English Bronze Pennies to jingle in our collective pockets!


1st August 2019

We say this every year, and every year it proves true, that far from being a nondescript gap in the calendar, August is one of the year’s highlights. Our ‘Numismatic Discussion Evening’ is an unstructured ramble through the highways and byways of our hobby, and most of us learn quite a lot on the way. Always a great evening!


5th September 2019

The coins which form our collections have come down to us in many different ways. Some we have collected ourselves from circulation; some have been acquired from earlier collectors, but quite often coins come to us from hoards - put aside at some time in the past for reasons which we can only try to imagine. This evening, Visiting Speaker Ian Doughty from Congleton Museum will tell us about recent discoveries from Cheshire, and what can be learned from them.


3rd October 2019

This evening is the Society’s Annual General Meeting whereat we appoint the Officers and Committee, scrutinise the books, and set the subscription for the coming year. Then, to make up the difference, we have the annual Mini-Auction.



The Fielding Lecture is the highlight of our year of events, and is named in honour of our late Chairman Mr Ben Fielding. We are delighted to welcome this evening David Holt who is known to us as our fourth Fielding Lecturer, and who will open the window on ‘Early American Colonial Coinage.’


5th December 2019 The Christmas Dinner

Given the date, it is almost certain that the OWLNS Christmas Dinner will be one of the first of the festive season for most of our members. That being the case, it is fortunate that it will almost certainly be one of the best. The backroom boys and girls at the Eagle and Child will, we confidently expect, work their usual magic.

The Fielding Lecture

2019 Programme


Our Annual Programme of meetings runs from January to December. Each year, in Autumn, our tireless Committee Members burn the midnight oil in industrial quantities, working on the Programme for the year. The results of their labours can be seen here.


Obviously, the Programmes for past years have been and gone, but it can be useful and interesting to refer to what has been as well as to look up what is to be. So, to that end, we provide an archive.